Tech Adoption Amid Covid-19

The unprecedented events of the Covid-19 pandemic have put even more of an emphasis on flexibility and efficiency in logistics. These demanding times have shifted behavior towards adopting digital solutions like

The man who literally wrote the book on logistics and the maritime industry, Martin Shopford, recently held a zoom presentation discussing the impact of Covid-19 and his outlook on the future of global shipping.

There were many interesting takeaways, including some regarding the quick adoption of digital technology in logistics amid the pandemic.

"I think the virus is going to shake us up in all sorts of ways", said Shopford, "and it’s going to make us appreciate the things we thought were impossible were actually not that difficult."

Shopford goes on to say "In the end, I think the virus will be a stimulus that is going to make us look at our basic business models again and embrace technology."

Part of our mission at is to leverage technology while promoting humanity. During this time, that means making sure our users have access to the information that will make them more efficient, and able to pursue all business opportunities that come their way.

Click the link below to learn more about Martin Shopford's recent presentation.


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