RORO Vessels Load 8x Faster

The design of a RORO vessel makes the cargo loading operation significantly faster. This is due to the loading ramps used to load and unload cargo, some of which are equipped to hold up to 500 tons (that's a million pounds!). This is just one of the ways RORO makes for a more efficient shipping process.

Container vessels require port cranes to load and stack the shipping containers, which takes an average of 12 hours to fully load or unload. RORO vessels on the other hand allow cargo to be loaded or unloaded in approximately 90 minutes.

This incredible efficiency was experienced by a new RORO service offered in Port Hedland, Australia. “This would represent a significant cost and time saving for industry. Not only does RORO vessel design make unloading easier and quicker, industry around Port Hedland can get access to cargo straight from the port, rather than trucking it in from elsewhere."

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