RORO Shipping to Dubai & Abu Dhabi

The United Arab Emirates is home to some of the world's most impressive architecture, with Dubai and Abu Dhabi having transformed over the last few decades. As a hub of development and tourism in the Middle East, the UAE

has a constant demand for construction equipment, automobiles, and other cargo that requires RORO vessels to deliver. provides instant rates, schedules and bookings for shipping all types of RORO cargo to Abu Dhabi and Jebel Ali, which is the port city near Dubai.

Through our digital RORO service, you can get quotes and schedules 24/7 to ship automobiles, machinery, boats, motorhomes, motorcycles, and more to the UAE. RORO shipping is often cheaper, faster, and easier than standard container shipping. That's because RORO was designed to ship large freight, like cars or trucks.

Abu Dhabi RORO Terminal

The process is simple, and The RORO Company makes RORO shipping to the UAE easier than ever. Rather than loading your item into an enclosed shipping container (which doesn't always fit), RORO enables you to deliver your asset directly to the US port, where it is safely and securely loaded on and off the vessel.

RORO stands for Roll On Roll Off, as in, your cargo is rolled on and off the shipping vessel. RORO vessels are equipped to handle hundreds of tons of weight, whereas a shipping container's maximum weight is 20 tons.

With services like ground transport, Customs clearance, maritime insurance, and more, The RORO Company and makes shipping large assets worldwide faster and easier than ever.

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