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If you are shipping a car to Nigeria, it's important to find a valuable, cost-effective service that makes the process easy. There are many shipping service providers out there, but your experience shipping a car worldwide depends on the company you work with. We created to make shipping a car as easy as booking a flight!

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At, we make international car shipping as easy as booking a flight online. Traditional freight forwarders and shipping companies take up to one week to provide a quote. is the world's first digital RORO freight forwarder, providing instant shipping prices and schedules online to 150 destinations, and letting you book and manage your shipments online! Simply search for your destination, and get a quote and shipping schedule in seconds.

World Class Shipping Service

In addition to ocean freight shipping, RORO shipping, and container shipping for cars, we also provide ground transport services, US Customs clearance, shipping insurance, and export documentation for your shipment. We are your source for all your car shipping needs, regardless of your shipping destination. We ship cars to over 150 destinations worldwide. Whether you are shipping for personal or commercial reasons, we can help.

Our service is backed up by over twenty years of experience in international car shipping. We work with the best, most reliable service providers to make sure your international car shipping experience is second to none.

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Tips For Shipping A Car To Nigeria

It may seem complicated, but working with the right shipping service can make shipping a car overseas a simple, seamless process. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when exporting your car.

1. You will need an original title. A car can only be exported by the current owner of the car. To prove ownership, you will need to provide the original title for US Customs clearance. When the shipment is cleared, the title will be returned to you.

2. We can pick your car up from any location. Whether you bought the car at a dealership, auto auction, or if we are picking up from your home, our service has you covered. We provide safe, reliable ground transport from anywhere in the US.

3. The car can be driven on and off the shipping vessel. RORO stands for Roll On Roll Off, it's the best way to ship cars worldwide. Cars can be delivered as is to the port, and driven on and off the RORO vessels. Cars are safely secured inside the vessel during transit, and can be picked up directly from the arrival port.

4. You can even ship non-running cars. Many of our RORO shipping services can also accommodate non-running cars. Whether you are buying a car for parts, or if you are sending your vintage auto for an international repair, shipping a non-running car is just as easy with

5. You need a licensed freight forwarder. Make sure the company you are working with is a licensed, bonded, and insured freight forwarder. Many companies simply sell your information to freight forwarders, or broker the services you need through another company. is a licensed, bonded and insured freight forwarder, and are committed to providing clients with transparency in all of our services.

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